Bicycle Switzerland

Switzerland, France, Italy, Liechtenstein, Austria & Germany

Essentials of the Swiss Odyssey:

Discover the fascinating diversity of Switzerland by bicycle - an odyssey for all cycling levels and a memorable way to explore an enchanting region of Europe.

SwissSwitzerland - Although a small country, Switzerland offers a tremendous variety of cultures, languages, cuisine, architecture and refreshing scenery - stunning alpine peaks, lush farmlands, small villages with ornate churches and world-class, distinguished cities. 

France – An area filled with alpine beauty, this part of France features gentle lakes, quaint villages, vineyards (mais oui!), and forests. Also in abundance are famous resort and spa towns, such as Evian - the "pearl of Lake Geneva" - which is perfectly situated between Lake Geneva (Lac Leman) and the foothills of the Chablais mountains.

Italy – The Italian Alps, a dreamy destination where four languages (Italian, German, French, and Ladin) are spoken and chalets, lush valleys, nestling towns and jagged peaks vie for your attention. Romantic Lake Maggiore is the heart of the Italian Lake District and features sky-blue waters surrounded by green-velvet hills, with some villas thrown in for good measure.

Liechtenstein – Bordered by Switzerland and Austria, the principality of Liechtenstein is the smallest and the richest German-speaking country in the world with more registered companies than citizens. Situated in the Upper Rhine Valley of the Alps, the landscape abounds with piercing mountainous peaks and cleverly constructed castles that keep watch over the cultivated fields and small farms.

Austria – Awesome Austria, a land of art and cultural treasures, musical masterpieces, and grand abbeys. Coupled with Liechtenstein, this is Heidi country, so there is no shortage of sweeping alpine views, vibrant valleys, fertile plains, scenic woods and gorgeous cuisine.

bordanseeGermany – Lake Constance is situated in the federal states of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Along with a generous bounty of Germanic charms, the area is rife with delightful fishing villages, vineyards and fruit orchards.

Cuisine: The culinary delights in Switzerland have been raised to an art form, greatly influenced by the four cultural contrasts -- German, French, Italian and Romansh. You will have the opportunity to sample not only the gourmet delicacies, but also the regional countryside cooking which is always tasty, hearty and nourishing. Enhance it all with the fine local wines, after dinner Schnapps, mineral water, cider and apple juices.

Highlights: Geneva, Evian, Zermatt, the Matterhorn, the Simplon Pass, Verbania, Lake Maggiore, Biasca, Disentis, Chur, Feldkirch, Friedrichshafen, Bodensee (Lake Constance), Gottlieben.